Surcharges Explained

Surcharges are additional fees or charges that are added to the cost of a product or service. These fees are usually added to cover the cost of additional expenses that are incurred by the business or service provider. They are commonly used in many industries, including travel, hospitality, and retail.

One of the most common types of surcharges is the fuel surcharge, which covers the cost of fuel for transportation services such as airline tickets and shipping fees. The fuel surcharge may vary depending on the price of fuel and the distance of the journey.

Another type of surcharge is the credit card surcharge. This fee is added to the cost of a purchase when a customer chooses to pay with a credit card. The percentage of the total purchase price charged is intended to cover the cost of processing the payment.

In some cases, surcharges may be added to cover the cost of additional services or features. For example, a hotel may charge a resort fee that covers the cost of amenities such as a swimming pool, gym, or spa.

It is important for consumers to be aware of surcharges when making purchases. Postal Unlimited® will provide any surcharges added if they were applied to shipping services and we will explain the purpose of each fee when requested. Prior to making a purchase, please read this guideline to make an informed decision. We will not know surcharges during a generic quote missing information. We will only know the surcharges when all the specs of the job has been inputted.

Additionally, for our Same Day and International Next Flight services, additional fees apply. For US import shipments, fees vary depending on the origin country or territory. For package service fees applicable from your origin country or territory, please contact us.

For freight fee information, please contact us. Note that all additional services, such as expedited shipping, our drop and go service, extra supplies or handling, excessive packing, storing, declared value over $100, signature required, pick-ups, dimensional weight, lift-gates, crates, and other special requests will result in additional costs. Our minimum charge is based on the size of the box and is determined by its dimensional weight. If your package weighs more than the minimum – dimensional weight, you will be charged for the actual weight. Surcharges may apply if your package weighs over 50lbs. Additionally, if your package’s length plus girth (length plus 2 times the width plus 2 times the height) is more than 130 inches, an additional surcharge of $180 or more will be applied. Charges are also calculated based on how much space your package takes on a trailer, truck, plane, etc. This is just an overview of surcharges.

Please note that additional fees and charges may be added to cover the cost of any special requests or services. It is important to be aware of these charges before making your shipment in order to avoid any surprises. For more information on the fees that may apply to our rates, shipments, and other transportation-related fees, please see our contents, rates, terms, and other transportation-related fees and shipping information.

Thank you for choosing Postal Unlimited® for your shipping needs. If you have any questions, please contact us.