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Are you going to be on vacation, military deployment, or moving abroad, and need a temporary redirect station for your packages? Or perhaps there’s a difficulty receiving your packages at home; maybe you live in an RV or Yacht and need a mailbox store where parcels can be delivered securely and picked up at your convenience?

If these scenarios resonate with you, Rockstar Mailboxes by Postal Unlimited® has the solution for your parcel post with our MemberShips plan.

You can apply for MemberShips on a month-by-month basis. Just choose the plan and pricing listed on the page that works for you! Connect online, text, or call us at 619-435-3100 if you have any questions.

I have had ongoing issues with the (local) post office and mail carrier, so I went to Postal Unlimited for a PO Box. Courtney was so friendly, clearly explained the fees, and they remembered me and my daughter in the few days we have had our box there. They called to let us know as soon as they received a package I had been trying to track down with USPS.
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Need a Mailbox for Packages? | Try MemberShips!

MemberShips is our simple and economical plan for those who need a place to receive, send, or forward their packages. This works on a month-by-month basis and can be renewed for as long as you like and cancelled any time before the end of the month’s payment cycle.

MemberShips plans come in four price levels, according to the number and size of packages you expect to receive and send, and whether you need premium services like pick-up and delivery. Also included are a certain number of free scans, faxes, printing, and emails every month that you are enrolled. That’s a big plus for digital nomads or ex-pats who live abroad and need to send faxes to U.S. numbers. You’ll be able to receive scans of your parcel labels, to see what has arrived. If you need your parcels forwarded to another country, we’ll send them on to you safely and securely with no additional handling fees, only the shipping charges. We check all the courier rates ourselves, so your parcels will be sent in the most economic manner.

If you will be out of town for a month or two, enroll in MemberShips for a temporary address to receive your packages until you return. No worries if you end up staying longer than expected and need certain packages forwarded, you’ll get them! For RVer’s, Rockstar Mailboxes’ MemberShips is a great option for receiving your packages safe and sound. Packages can be held until you are back in town to pick them up, or they can be forwarded to your new location. Now, that’s a real solution!

Check the MemberShips webpage for the full list of services and pricing.

Thanks! Helped me track my package at Christmas. I was out of town and called, and they texted me the info. What great service!
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Need a Mailbox for Packages? | Try MemberShips!

Solve your late or lost parcel issues once and for all! You can sign up for month-by-month MemberShips services in less than one minute. Just choose the plan that fits your needs, and with a few more clicks you’ll be enrolled! Connect online, text, or call us at 619-435-3100 for questions.