Best Package Forwarding & Receiving Service in California

If you’ve ever been waiting for an overdue package due to delivery mix-ups, you know how great it feels when the parcel finally arrives safe and sound!
Wondering what to do about your packages and regular deliveries if you’re out of town for an extended trip? Or in the military and deployed temporarily to another location? A MemberShips subscription means that you can relax and make your online orders without worrying about when or where they’ll arrive. Living the RV lifestyle, but don’t want packages coming to an RV park address? With the MemberShips plan, you can either pick up your parcels in person, or request us to combine and forward them to you. We’ll send your items with a clear arrival time frame that fits your itinerary.
Travelers, ex-pats, and digital nomads know what a headache it is trying to get online orders delivered to a foreign country. Do it the easy way and use a MemberShips short-term enrollment if you’d like to pick up your packages stateside. We’re also experts at overseas shipping methods, and we can combine your parcels and forward them on safely to your overseas address via the most economical and reliable international couriers.
Connect online, text, or call us at 619-435-3100 if you have any questions.

The Postal Unlimited team are exemplary in all areas. I live in Mexico and as such, require a postal address with owners and employees I can trust! Postal Unlimited goes out of their way to make my life easier. When signing up, Courtney glides you through the process with ease. There is absolutely nothing NOT TO LOVE about Postal Unlimited. 
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Wondering “Where Can I Have a Package Delivered?”

MemberShips is our easy and economical program for “all things packages!” In contrast to our long-term Mailbox service, MemberShips are rented month-by-month and can be renewed for as long as you like or cancelled whenever you want before the end of the month’s payment cycle.
MemberShips services come in four price levels, depending on the number of packages you plan to pick up and send, and whether you require pick-up and delivery service from your home location. These plans include a certain number of free faxes, scans, emails, and printed pages. These services are useful not only for locals, but for those who live and work abroad and need to send out faxes and printed materials in the U.S.
If your parcels require forwarding to another country, we’ll see that they get to you safely and securely. We double-check the courier rates for each destination and send your packages with carriers that are cost-friendly and trustworthy.

Exceptional service. There are not enough words to say how much this business (and of course, Courtney) are the best. Everything about them is more than five stars!!! Highly recommended.
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Package Services Made Easy with Postal Unlimited MemberShips

The growing popularity of online shopping, along with the remote-working culture, has changed the landscape of postal services and customer needs in a big way. That’s why Postal Unlimited® created the Rockstar Mailboxes MemberShips program, to allow our members to enroll in a flexible package pick-up and drop-off service that is customized to what they need. No more, no less. There are no long-term agreements for this one, simply month-by-month, with plans and pricing available depending on the number and size of packages you expect to receive. You can enroll in MemberShips services starting at $30 monthly, with only a month-by-month commitment. Connect online, text, or call us at 619-435-3100 if you have any questions.