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“Awesome! My packages are arriving right on time, with no more postal mix-ups and hassles!” Having a mail services agency where you can pick up and send your important parcels conveniently, affordably and with confidence makes a huge difference!
Whether it’s work, military deployment, family reasons, or extended travel, when you’re out of town for a month or two, you’ll need a temporary address to receive and store your packages until you return. Or perhaps you need a “redirect location” from where your regular online orders can be forwarded during your absence? If this is you, Postal Unlimited® MemberShips plan is at your service, offering easy and affordable package receiving, sending, and forwarding on a month-by-month basis!

For RVer’s and Yacht owners enjoying the San Diego sunshine, Postal Unlimited® MemberShips is a great option for receiving your packages safe and sound. Packages can be held until you are in town to collect them, or they can be forwarded to wherever your travels take you. The same goes for ex-pats, digital nomads, and world travelers; we’ve got solutions that will allow you to get your packages, safely and securely, anywhere in the world. Or we’ll hold them for you until you get back.
If you are local and can’t receive packages at your home, MemberShips could be your long-term solution. Connect online, text or call us at 619-435-3100, if you have questions.

I've been doing business with this establishment for about five years now, and they're still worth my patronage. Honestly, this has been the most trustworthy partnership that I've experienced here in San Diego. I started my account simply because I needed an address while I lived on base, and years later I am still happy with the way they operate. Businesses come and go so quickly here, so I hope that their excellent customer service continues to get the attention that it deserves.
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Flexible Package Pick-Up and Drop-Off Services

Memberships is Postal Unlimited’s unique plan for receiving and sending parcels for our customers who need a convenient, reliable, and secure way to receive their packages and online orders, as well as to send out parcels. MemberShips gives you a stable delivery point for packages and can be rented as long- or short-term as you like!
MemberShips plans come in four price levels, according to the number and size of packages you expect to receive and send, and whether you need premium services like pick-up and delivery. Also included are a certain number of free scans, faxes, printing, and emails every month that you are enrolled. This is great for digital nomads who live abroad, but need to send faxes to U.S. numbers or need their parcel labels scanned for viewing online. If you need your parcels forwarded to another country, we’ll send them on to you safely and securely. We check all the courier rates ourselves, so your parcels will be sent in the most economical manner.
Our services provide convenience, privacy, security, and often – lower forwarding costs!

Check out our different MemberShips plans here. You can get services for as low as $30 monthly.

Thanks! Helped me track my package at Christmas. I was out of town and called, and they texted me the info. What great service!
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Mail & Packages the Ship N Easy
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People today shop online for everything from clothing and toiletries to electronics, to home improvement products. With this convenience comes an increased volume of parcels and deliveries, and the need for a reliable package receiving service when home delivery doesn’t work. Try us out at locally owned Postal Unlimited®. Apply for a MemberShips enrollment today. Our dedicated and professional team provides the service you deserve: safe, secure, and on time.
Many folks use a MemberShips plan along with their long-term Mailbox plan for letters and regular mail, to have the most economical way to receive and send both mail and packages. And you get a street address and suite number when you use both. Call or text us at 619-435-3100 if you have questions, or connect online.