The Perfect “Package Pick-Up and Drop-Off Near Me” in Coronado

Wondering what to do about packages and regular deliveries while you’re temporarily out of town on vacation, military deployment, for a job, or family obligations? Are you moving abroad, and need a temporary redirect station for your packages? Or perhaps there’s a difficulty receiving your packages at home, such as living in an RV park, Yacht, and you need a dependable mailbox store where parcels can be delivered and picked up at your convenience?
If these scenarios sound like you, Postal Unlimited® has a solution for your parcel post. It’s called Memberships, and works just month-by-month, with price plans according to the number of parcels you want to receive or send. Then simply relax while we take care of your packages!
Memberships works for ex-pats, digital nomads, and retirees abroad. You can pick up parcels in person if you’re visiting stateside or use Postal Unlimited® has a redirect station. If you need forwarding, we’ll combine all your parcels and online orders into one or two (or more) packages and forward them to you anywhere in the world. We’re experts at shipping abroad, and we research the best couriers for your part of the globe with the lowest cost and fastest service.
Just choose the MemberShips plan and pricing listed on the page that works for you! Connect online, text, or call us at 619-435-3100 if you have any questions.

By far the best mailbox and shipping boutique in Coronado, with friendly, personable staff. We've rented a mailbox and done our shipping with Postal Unlimited for 10+ years, through at least one change of ownership, and the service just keeps getting better.
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Best Package Receiving Service | No More “Where Is My Package?”

Postal Unlimited® offers four different MemberShips plans to choose from, depending on the number and size of packages you want to receive and send, and whether you want extra services like pick-up and delivery. Also included are a monthly number of free scans, faxes, printing, and emails. That’s an additional saver, especially if you live abroad and need to send faxes to U.S. numbers or printed materials within the U.S. If you need your parcels forwarded to another country, we’ll send them on to you swiftly and securely with no extra handling costs, just the shipping charges. We check all the courier rates to send your parcels in the most economical manner.
If you’ll be out of town for a month or two, enroll in MemberShips for a temporary address to receive your packages until you return. No worries if you end up staying longer than expected and need certain packages forwarded, you’ll get them! For RVer’s or Yacht owner Postal Unlimited® MemberShips is a great option for receiving your packages safe and sound. Packages can be held until you are back in town to pick them up, or they can be forwarded to your new location. Now, that’s a real solution!
Check the MemberShips webpage for the full list of services and pricing. Plans start as low as $30/month.

Thanks! Helped me track my package at Christmas. I was out of town and called, and they texted me the info. What great service!
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Get Your MemberShips Package Mailbox Today | Save Time & Money

Solve your parcel post issues the easy way! You can sign up for month-by-month package services in less than one minute with locally-owned Postal Unlimited®. Our experienced team will make sure your important packages are handled with care.
Select the MemberShips plan here that works for you, and with just a couple of clicks you’ll be set up. Cancel anytime that you no longer need the service.
Many of our customers find that the MemberShips plan works well in tandem with their long-term Mailbox subscription for regular mail as the cost-friendly way to receive packages without extra handling fees. You get a street address and suite number when you use both! Apply for a MemberShips enrollment today. Call or text us at 619-435-3100 for questions, or connect online.