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Are you living abroad for work, retirement, or pleasure, and trying to figure out the most reliable way to get your mail? Do you need a temporary or full-time package delivery point where online shopping items and gifts can be delivered and kept for you until you’re in town to pick them up, or forwarded to another address? You might be living the RV lifestyle and need a stationary mailbox to receive your communications and then scan and email it to you while you’re on the move. Or, if you’re a military member, you may be changing addresses frequently and need a virtual mailbox and forwarding service to keep track of your mail and handle it safely and securely.

We’ve got the custom solutions you need. Rockstar Mailboxes by Postal Unlimited® mail forwarding and package receiving services are designed for you!
You can fill out our online application for your private mailbox rental in just a few minutes. Connect online, text or call us at 619-435-3100 if you have any questions. View our Service Agreement for details.

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How Does Mail Forwarding Work at Postal Unlimited®?

Postal Unlimited® offers two types of services and both have the option of forwarding mail

Our Mailbox subscription is a long-term service that offers you your own mailbox with a suite number and street address, which is billed every 3, 6, or 12 months. With the Mailbox subscription, you can come by our shop to collect your mail, or have it scanned to view online, and request forwarding to anywhere in the world.


A MemberShips subscription is our unique program for those who need to receive or send packages. MemberShips can serve both short and long-term needs and is rented month-by-month. If you will be out of town for a month or two, enroll in MemberShips for a temporary address to receive your packages until you return. If you live in an RV, Rockstar Mailboxes’ MemberShips is a great option for receiving your packages safe and sound. Packages can be held until you are back in town to pick them up, or they can be forwarded to your new location. Now, that’s a real solution!

What Makes Rockstar Mailboxes by Postal Unlimited® Unique?

Rent a Mailbox with a Street Address

“I want a real street address and I want my mail to go to only one place. I don’t want one of those services with offices all over the country, where my mail will arrive at one place and then be forwarded somewhere else for handling and processing. I want my mail to be processed, scanned, forwarded, or collected by me, all at the same location as my mailbox.” Do these sentiments resonate with you? With a Mailbox subscription at Postal Unlimited, your mail is taken care of on-site by our team of dedicated handlers who know and care about each of our clients. Your mail will arrive at a real street address and suite number, not just a post box number and zip code.

Looking for a “Package Pick-Up and Drop-Off Near Me” Service?

We created our unique MemberShips program to fill the needs of clients who need a convenient way to receive their packages and online orders, as well as to send out packages. MemberShips enrollments are billed month-by-month, on a short or long-term basis. Plans are available at different price levels, according to how many and what size of packages you expect to receive, and whether you want delivery service or not. If you are a local who is having problems getting your packages delivered to your home, MemberShips could be your long-term solution. Digital nomads and travel-lovers know what a hassle it is trying to get online shopping delivered to a foreign country. Travelers may want MemberShips for just one month, as an economical delivery point where they can pick up online shopping orders when they pass through San Diego.

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Solve Your Mail Forwarding Problems with Postal Unlimited®!

No more lost mail. It’s time to bring your post and package forwarding up to date! Just fill out our online application form for your private mailbox with a street address. Connect online, text or call us at 619-435-3100.