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For many California residents, collecting their mail from the box at the end of the driveway is no longer an option. Whether you’re a member of the U.S. military, a “snowbird” RV resident, or spending time abroad, you need a reliable way to receive mail and packages. California is also a great place for businesses, which makes it a great location for digital nomads and home-based entrepreneurs alike to establish a trusted company address.
Postal Unlimited® is here to serve you, with our Mailboxes and MemberShips Plans for postal mail, virtual mailbox services, and packages. Just click on our mail forwarding application to get your own private suite number with a street address. Contact us online, text or give us a call at 619-435-3100 and we’ll be happy to help.

Great company to work with. We have been with them for years.
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Mail Forwarding & Package Pick Up in California

Postal Unlimited® provides several types of postal and shipping services

Mailbox for Letters & Packages

Our Mailbox plan is for long-term use, a private mailbox with a suite number and a real street address. With the Mailbox plan, you have the option of picking up your mail in person or accessing online. You’ll receive an instant notification when postal items are scanned and available in your online account. You decide whether you want us to open and scan the contents of an envelope for online reading, to shred and discard, or to store or forward anywhere in the world.
Just fill out the Mailbox application to get rolling!

MemberShips for Packages Only

A MemberShips subscription is our custom-made plan for those who need to receive packages. Memberships enrollment is billed on a monthly basis for short- or long-term use. This plan features different price levels, according to how many packages you expect to receive, and how much space your packages will require.

Apply Online for MemberShips, text us or give us a call at 619-435-3100.

Why Choose Postal Unlimited® for Your Forwarding Address?

Your Private Mailbox with a California Street Address

“I’m looking for a mail forwarding service that gives me an actual California street address for my business or personal use. I don’t want to use a forwarding company that sends my post to another location for handling and processing; I prefer my mail to arrive and be processed securely in one location.” If that sounds like you, then Rockstar’s Mailbox plan is your answer. Here at Rockstar Mailboxes by Postal Unlimited®, your mail is taken care of right where it arrives by our well-trained crew who care about you and your mail. Your post will arrive at a real street address and suite number, and be handled as if it were our own.

“Package Drop Off and Pick Up Near Me” in Southern California?

If you’ve ever been waiting for an overdue package due to delivery mixups, you know how great it feels when the parcel finally arrives. It’s a huge relief when the system works well! We created our MemberShips program to fill the needs of our southern California customers who needed a convenient, dependable, and stress-free way to receive their packages and online orders, as well as to send out packages. MemberShips gives you a dependable delivery point for packages, short- or long-term. If you are local and having problems receiving packages at your home, MemberShips could be your long-term solution. Travelers, ex-pats, and digital nomads know what a headache it is trying to get online orders delivered to a foreign country. Do it the easy way and use a Memberships short-term enrollment to get a delivery address for your online shopping, and then pick up the packages when you pass through San Diego.

Courtney Smith and her team are exemplary in all areas. I live in Mexico and as such, require a postal address with owners and employees I can trust! Rockstar Mailboxes goes out of their way to make my life easier. When signing up, Courtney glides you through the process with ease. There is absolutely nothing NOT TO LOVE about Postal Unlimited. 
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Forward My Mail to New Address? – It Couldn’t Be Easier!

Get the postal mail forwarding and pick up services you need with a plan that’s right for you at Postal Unlimited®. Personalized service, attention to details, online or in-person, letters or packages, we’re here for you!
Fill out our Mailbox Application for your own suite number with a street address, or get a short-term MemberShips package drop and pick up enrollment. Connect online if you have questions, text, or call us at 619-435-3100. See our Service Agreement.