Virtual Mailbox, Package Pick Up, & Mail Forwarding

Rockstar Mailboxes by Postal Unlimited® is a locally-owned worldwide shipping company that provides physical and virtual mailboxes, mail forwarding, package delivery and receiving services, and specializes in the unique services you need. Are you with the military, own a Yacht, or an RVer, and need both a local mail pick-up point combined with a mailbox and mail forwarding for when you’re on the move? Are you a home-based business owner, digital nomad, or retiree and need to view and manage your mail online? Postal Unlimited is your simple solution.
It only takes a few minutes to apply online and get your private mailbox suite number with a street address! Text or call us at 619-435-3100, or connect online

I've been doing business with this establishment for about five years…Honestly, this has been the most trustworthy partnership that I've experienced here in San Diego. I started my account simply because I needed an address while I lived on base, and years later I am still happy with the way they operate. Businesses come and go so quickly here, so I hope that their excellent customer service continues to get the attention that it deserves.
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Two Simple Plans for Mail and Package Receiving and Forwarding

Mailbox for the Best Mail Forwarding Service

Get a Mailbox subscription if you’re looking for your own mailbox with a suite number and street address, billed every 3, 6, or 12 months. The Mailbox subscription provides you with all the standard virtual mailbox features, as well as the freedom to collect mail in person.


A MemberShips subscription gives you a package delivery and drop-off address, renewable month-by-month. It’s our own unique and economical service for those who need to receive lots of packages. If you will be traveling for a month or two, enroll in MemberShips for a temporary package delivery address. If you live in an RV, there’s no more problem with online shopping deliveries. MemberShips can have your packages forwarded to wherever you are or hold them for pick up.

Why Postal Unlimited® Private Mailbox Rental in San Diego?

Rent a Mailbox with a Real Street Address

Do you want a mail forwarding service where your communications will be received and processed in one place, as compared to the forwarding agencies that receive your post in one location and forward it somewhere else for handling and processing? Postal Unlimited® experienced team receives and handles all your mail locally, right on-site! Our Mailbox plan allows you to view and manage your mail online, or to pick up your post in person at our local San Diego branch. Postal Unlimited® offers that kind of flexibility, with a real suite number and a street address. Perfect remote-working start-ups, digital nomads, and freelancers who need a reliable address for a professional image. RVers and military families too!

Package Delivery Pick-Up & Drop-off – Short & Long Term Plans

“Oh what joy when your package arrives on time and intact!” As San Diego locals, we responded to the needs of military families and RV residents who were often on the move and having problems receiving and sending packages. The MemberShips program was created to provide a convenient and economical package service. Choose from different MemberShips plans to accommodate the number and size of the packages you expect to receive. Digital nomads and travel-lovers know what a hassle it is trying to get online shopping delivered to a foreign country. Why not use Postal Unlimited for your U.S. package delivery point, where they’ll be boxed together and safely forwarded to you anywhere in the world. If you plan to visit San Diego, book a one-month Memberships for your online orders, and pick them up when you get here!

I had to ship roughly $900 of hard-to-replace mathematics books to my new office in Scotland. Yes, you read that right. I had been trying to work with the USPS, and I was concerned about tracking and replacement value. On top of that, as I'm moving overseas, I ALSO needed to set up a Coronado mailbox, as overseas forwarding of mail is something else the beleaguered USPS doesn't do. Billy worked with me every step of the way, keeping in touch via phone, outlining the best way to accomplish both tasks in detail before I ever set foot in the door, repacking my books and papers in nested, double-walled boxes. His lovely co-worker (also a Notary Public!) set up my private mailbox, and a schedule for collecting, sorting/tossing, and forwarding my mail. What had been 10 days of searching, phoning, driving, interviewing, and HASSLE (NB: that's me driving around San Diego talking to postal worker after postal worker -- all of whom looked at me as though I had said I was relocating to Mars), turned into an hour of stress-free professionalism at Postal Unlimited….My highest recommendation.
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Mail Forwarding & Package Pick Up No More Stress with Postal Unlimited!

No more lost or late mail. Enjoy peace of mind, a dependable San Diego, California mailing address. Postal Unlimited® post and package forwarding too! Safe, secure, and stress-free. Just fill out our online application form for your private mailbox with a street address. Connect online, text or call us at 619-435-3100 if you have any questions.