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From its beautiful white sand beaches to the iconic Coronado Hotel Del, Coronado has long been a special place for San Diego visitors and locals alike.
This gorgeous locale can also be a great base for a permanent mailing address. If you’re a U.S. military member on one of the naval bases or a Coronado resident, a San Diego RVer, own a yacht, or a digital nomad who needs an upmarket business address, Postal Unlimited® on Coronado Island, San Diego, has the services you’re looking for.

Awesome team - always very helpful and nice. Helps when they have a good selection of shipping materials and are eager to jump on issues. Glad they are a part of Coronado!
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It’s easy to apply online and get your private suite number and street address today. Connect online, text or call us at 619-435-3100 for questions. We’ll be glad to help! With Postal Unlimited®, you’ll find additional services that you cannot find anywhere else.

Why Postal Unlimited for the Best Mail & Package Services?

Mailbox Rental with a Real Street Address

“I want an actual Coronado, San Diego street address for my mail, not just a P.O. box number somewhere.” If that’s you, then our Mailbox plan is your solution, providing you with your own suite number and street address for as long as you need it. Just fill out the simple online application. Feel free to request mail services information online, text or call us at 619-435-3100.

Flexible Package Pick-Up & Drop-Off Services with MemberShips

“Whooo-hoo! My packages are getting to me right on schedule now, with no more getting lost or delayed in the postal system!” Having a mail services agency where you can send out and receive your important parcels economically and with confidence sure makes life easier. That’s why Rockstar Mailboxes created the MemberShips program, to allow our members to enroll in a flexible package pick-up and drop-off service that is customized to their needs. There are no long-term agreements for this one, simply month by month, with various price levels available depending on the number and size of packages you expect to receive.

Post is Received & Processed On-Site at One Location

Mail forwarding agencies often maintain multiple receiving locations and then ship everything to their headquarters for sorting and handling. They “ride piggyback” on other courier services, so to speak. In contrast, Rockstar Mailboxes offers you a service where everything is done on-site by a team of well-trained postal handlers, dedicated to the highest level of service, speed, and security for our clients.

Coronado, San Diego Mail Forwarding Service Benefits

For those who do business outside of a traditional office situation, a forwarding service provides a dependable address and professional image for your customers. For military families, RVer’s, ex-pats, and others who move often, say goodbye to lost and late mail and packages! Rockstar Mailboxes gives you a stable address, reliable forwarding, and a virtual mailbox for online viewing and management of your postal communications! Our services provide convenience, privacy, security, and often lower forwarding costs.

Virtual Mailbox Services

If you’re abroad or on the move, view and manage your mail online with your very own Mailbox! You’ll get an immediate notification when new items arrive in your account. After viewing your scanned envelope and package labels, you can decide whether you want pieces to be opened and scanned for reading, forwarded, stored, or shredded and recycled. Locals can use their virtual mailbox to keep track of when their mail and packages are ready to be picked up!

I've been coming to Postal Unlimited in Coronado for 5 months. The lovely (folks) who operate this business are absolutely wonderful. They are so nice, patient, understanding, reliable, hard-working, and consistent. I highly recommend receiving your mail here because it will always be safe and secure. They also have a very nice store with a cute flamingo that greets you at the door. I am a very happy customer of theirs and plan to have all my mail sent here forever. I am so grateful for them and their beautiful store. What an awesome, small, local business to support. Thank you!

Mail & Packages the Easy Way with Postal Unlimited® |
Coronado, San Diego CA

What a great feeling when your packages and online orders stop getting lost or delayed in the postal system! Try us out at locally-owned Postal Unlimited®! Our dedicated and professional team provides the service you deserve: safe, secure, and on time.
Apply online and get your private suite number with street address today. Connect online here, text or call us at 619-435-3100, if you have questions!