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You completed this form! Shipping jobs prepared in advance helps to ensure documents are reviewed prior to scheduling. Also, you have the added bonus of meeting your budget with our quotes. With the increasing demands on shipping, we thank you for taking the time to provide these shipment details. Expect a call within 10 minutes during normal business hours. We can answer any questions, reconfirm details, add you to the schedule, set up or collect payment, provide actual dates, and set up shipment notifications. If we have time prior to shipment, we can make adjustments on your behalf as necessary.
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Surcharges Explained
Note that additional services, such as expedited shipping, our drop and go service Ship N Easy, extra supplies or handling, excessive packing, storing, declared value over $100, signature required, pick ups, dimensional weight, lift-gates, crates, and other special requests will result in extra costs. Please make sure to keep this in mind when planning your budget as these additions will increase the total cost of your shipment. It is important that you provide all additional correspondence related to your shipment promptly when requested to avoid delays in processing your quote and/or shipment. Thank you for choosing us and your cooperation in this matter is appreciated.
How to complete this form
Make a selection regarding what we are shipping. Use the other items or description to provide more details or other items. Example: Produce, Other - Potatoes. From-address is where we will pick-up and the To-address is where we will deliver. To use our address to receive mail or parcels you must Sign Up first. From-address is left blank if you will drop it off at our location. Please specify how many and the type for what you are shipping. Example: 15 Crates of Potatoes 200 in each crate.
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Transport Time
To help us plan for logistics, we need to know the specific date for the Ship Date. This will help us ensure timely delivery. If you need recurring shipments, please let us know how often you would like us to complete shipments per week, per month, or per year. For example, John Doe wants his potatoes shipped from his warehouse twice per week and delivered to Idaho twice per week, so he would input four times per week. Please provide as much detail as possible to help us meet your needs.
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Additional Information
For additional details John Doe can be more specific on his shipment job by inputting more details in this section. After completed to the best of your knowledge, click ‘submit’ and you’re all set.
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